Back at it

Danae Gosset (1)-48


Procrastination, an ugly word.. Its The act of pushing tasks to later (sometimes to never) i like to call it : symptom of chronic laziness. Anyways I sometimes suffer from it. So here I am, back at it, ready to party (for work if there is such thing)

The problem with procrastination is that (breaking News) we have to live with ourselve; and ourselves are not happy when we dont achieve the goals we set out for,  therefore we hate ourselves, therefore we’ll end up hooked on a xanax by the time we’re 25, therefore we’ll most probably have early alzheimer and die by our 30th bday. (if you’re over 30, you made it, good 4 u, get off my blog: you’re too old) Sooo everyone feeling me lets get our ass out of our head (or the other way around)(idk how flexible you are) and lets make our lives not miserable and count! Because x% of time , The only people blocking your way, is YOU.(re welcome)

If  you suddenly become successful after reading my stupid blog, i think Its only fair i get 20% of your yearly income (increasing 5% The following years) and if i didnt (and you’re already rich), i should still get your money because you’re rich and im not and thats probably your fault.

BTW : great NY Times article about procrastination :> Click < Also awesome Op Ed by Marion Fayolle (sounds Frenchy I like it)